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5 Reasons Why Engineering is One of the Most Employable Professional Degrees

5 Reasons Why Engineering is One of the Most Employable Professional Degrees

Engineering emerged as the most employable talent vs MBA, in this year’s India Skills Report, 2019 prepared jointly by Wheebox, Peoplestrong and CII (Confederation of Indian Industries). Final year engineering students registered 57% of employability which is 5% higher than previous years’ 47% bar.

So what makes engineering is the most preferred professional course? Following are the facts that prove why an engineering degree is one of the most employable courses, in India and even across the world:

  1. Plenty of Options: In Engineering, you have plenty of streams or specializations like traditional one Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Electronics and Communications(EC), Information Technology(IT), Computer Science(CS). And the modern one like Petroleum Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Genetical Engineering etc. You can select any of it as per your academic background & scope of that branch.

  2. Balanced Structure: In Indian perspective, a bachelors engineering degree consists of 4 years where aspirants are prepared from scratch to an employable professional. With a balanced structure of classroom training, industrial visit, practical lab experiment, guest lectures, competitions, final project submission etc. the curriculum is a 360-degree approach to groom the students.

  3. Further Studies & Specializations: After completing an engineering degree, a candidate is considered to be eligible for further studies both in technical and non-technical streams like MBA, M. Tech., Ph. D. etc., because engineering prepares a candidate holistically. That’s the reason why the majority of MBAs are from Engineering background (B. Tech./B.E. + MBA), which is also the most preferred combinations of higher studies.

  4. Start-up Culture: Currently, the culture of start-ups is trending in India & even across the globe. And with an engineering degree, the students get the motivation and guidance to be entrepreneurs and be capable to execute an idea into a working identity. This start-up thing is remaking the image of engineering.

  5. Diverse Career Options: Apart from increasing demands of engineering graduates in the private sector and capability to implement a start-up idea. Engineering can also lead you to the top grade government services as well in the form of IES exam, where you can serve as a civil servant even remaining in your core branch of specialisation.

As you can see that with an engineering degree, the possibilities are endless and opportunities are plenty. So if you have made up your mind to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering, don’t waste even a single minute as the admissions process for this session is in the last phase. For admission details reach us at: +91-75940 77741, +91-90722 96246 or Email: at info@setcem.in.

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