Applied Science


  • Class Rooms : 4
  • Tutorials : 4
  • Workshop and Labs : 2

About Applied Science Knowledge in basic science is an essential ingredient of any professional course. Department of humanities and science aims to fulfill this function most efficiently. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, economics and physical education are all handled by individual faculties, who are highly qualified and professionally competent in their respective fields. All the faculty members are highly dedicated to their work and are always willing to carry out any responsibility that may be entrusted to them.

Mathematics is the very foundation of engineering, and several other fields of study. It is an important tool which provides different techniques and methods to solve problems in Engineering. The Department of Mathematics has qualified and dedicated faculty who provide excellent training. Advanced topics in Mathematics with applications in Engineering are taught in various semesters of the course.



The Department has the following fully equipped laboratories:

  • Physics laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory


Major Equipments

Chemistry Lab

  1. Chemical balance
  2. PH meter with electrode digital mode
  3. Demineraliser with analog conductivity
  4. Electronic balance
  5. Colorimeter photoelectric with filters

Physics Lab
  1. Spectrometer
  2. Meldes

  1. Zener diode regulator apparatus
  2. Polari meter
  3. Travelling microscope
  4. Diode laser
  5. Zener voltage characteristics apparatus
  6. Transistor Characteristics apparatus