Department of Civil Engineering


Fluid Mechanics Laboratory - Strength of Materials Laboratory - Material Testing Laboratory - Geo Technical Laboratory - Environmental Laboratory -Survey Lab - CAD/CAM Laboratory - Civil Engineering Workshop

Major Equipments Total station,Electronic Theodolite,Universal Testing Machine, Analog Compression Testing Machine,Digital Compression Testing Machine,Izod Charpy Testing Machine, Ghat Tracer Automatic Level, Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Brinell Hardness Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Parallel flow - Counter flow (Heat Exchangers)- Metacentric Height- Petrol Engine- Diesel Engine- Reciprocating Pump- Turbine (Pelton Wheel)- Francis Turbine- Pipe Friction Apparatus- Centrifugal Pump- Determination of Open Channels- Determination C.D- Determination of Ventury Meter- Bernoulli's Theorem Testing- Minor Loss of Fitting- Compression Testing Machine- UTM - Pychnometer - Liquid Limit Device - Shrinkage Limit Apparatus - Shrinkage Limit Apparatus - Consolidation Test Apparatus - Unconfined Compression Apparatus - Permeability Apparatus - Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus - Core Cutter Apparatus - Plastic Limit Set - Is Sieve Set - Hot Air Oven - Compaction Test Apparatus Light - Compaction Test Apparatus Heavy - Triaxial Testing Machine - Vane Shear Apparatus - Mechanical Shaker

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


Programming Laboratory - Data Structure Laboratory - Multimedia Laboratory - Visual Basic Laboratory

Major Equipments
  • Computer Systems- 70
  • Printers -7
  • Softwares-
  • LAN connection
  • UPS - 10 KVA

Department of Electronics and Communication


Microwave Lab and MATLAB - Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab - Digital ICs Lab - Analog & Digital Communication Lab - Electronic Circuits Lab

Major Equipments   CRO, Function Generator, Dual Power Supply, Single Power Supply ,8086 Micro Processor, Voltmeter (0-15 V), Ammeter (0-100milliA), Ammeter(0-100microA), IC Trainer Kit, Digital Multi Meter, Digital Integrated Circuit Tester

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Machine Lab - Measurement Lab - Basic Electrical Engineering Lab - Electronics Circuits Lab - Electrical Workshop - Digital Electronics Lab - Advanced Electrical Engg. Lab - Simulation Lab

Major Equipments   3.5 K W DC shunt motor, 3 point & 4 point starter, 3.5 K W DC compound motor generator set(coupled), 4point starter, 5 HP 3 phase slip ring induction motor c/w loading arrangement rotor, resistance starter, 3 HP 3phase induction start synchronous motor coupled to 5 HP DC shunt motor synchronizing starter, 3KVA 3phase alternator (salient pole) coupled to DC shunt motor (3.5 KW) 5 HP separately excited field regulator, 3 phase water load with 3 brass electrode, Lamp load 5.25 KW, Double wound transformer single phase 230V/230, 2.5KVA air cooled., Double wound transformer 3 phase 440V/230, 5KVA air cooled., 100A DC thyristor panel with rectifier. 3 HP 3phase squarrel cage induction motor c/w, loading arrangement, 2HP single phase induction motor c/w loading arrangement, capacitor start(DOL), 5 KW DC shunt motor 3 point starter, Generator DC Set-DC Series Motor-DC Shunt Motor -Synchronous Machine-Salient pole Alternator-Squirrel cage Induction Motor-Slip Ring Induction Motor-Single Phase Induction Motor