Art and cultural

The various interdepartmental Associations and clubs of the college undertake various arts/ cultural competitions to promote talent development and display among students. The College also conducts an annual Arts Competition from which students are selected for University level competitions.




Sports Day & numerous competitions are held each year. SETCEM has representative teams in Shuttle Badminton , and Volley ball . The Physical Education Department has a separate Director & provides good sports equipments to students. There are also facilities for indoor games.




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Entree to Engineering

To motivate aspiring +2 students to choose engineering as a professional course and to provide continuous support to augment their scoring thereby attaining desirable ranks in the entrance examination.

Dr. PR Venkitaraman's ENTREE TO ENGINEERING is a personalized and continuous four month mentor program to +2 students to accelerate their success in Engineering entrance examination by providing continuous confidence building , evaluation and remedial exercises. All these components are personally conceptualized and devised by Dr PR.Venkitaraman, and this project is implemented in association with SETCEM. Dr. PR Venkitaraman's ENTREE TO ENGINEERING is an exclusive proprietary tool developed for SETCEM and promoted by Ernakulathappan Charitable and Educational Trust (ECET) The initiative is an outcome of various studies and reports on higher education scenario in Kerala and is dedicated to improve the quality of Engineering aspirants in Kerala.

How Dr. PR Venkitaraman's ENTREE TO ENGINEERING Program for + 2 students work?

Dr. PR Venkitaraman's ENTREE TO ENGINEERING Mentor Program for +2 Students wishes to accomplish its mission through: Motivation: Involves identifying potential engineering student pool in a school; motivating students to take Engineering as a career. The process will emphasize the importance of taking preparatory courses in entrance exam and value of achieving academic excellence. This program will also create awareness among parents about engineering as a desirable career choice and to equip them to provide support and positive reinforcement for their children. Retention: Dr. Venkitaraman has conducted nearly 5000 career seminars in India and abroad. Dr PRV has found from his study that nearly 28-30% of the urban and 60-65% of rural +2 students hesitate to take Engineering as a course of study for the following reasons:

  1. Engineering is a difficult course to study and is also very costly,
  2. That it is very difficult to score desirable ranks in the Entrance Exams

These perceptions lead to poor enrollments and severe dropouts from Engineering Entrance preparations. Dr. PR Venkitaraman's ENTREE TO ENGINEERING has intervention tools to encourage +2 students to enroll for Engineering studies and to enhance their retention in Engineering Entrance Exam preparation courses.