About Principal

Dr. K John Thomas was the first regular selected Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology and served for over ten years as Dean, under the Kerala Agricultural University. He had his doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in the area of water resources engineering.

Besides he has International PG Diploma in hydrology from CSSR under a UNESCO sponsored Programme. He has over 45 years of teaching research & Extension experience in the area of water resource - development & management -Irrigation & Drainage Engineering .He also served as the Chairman of Kerala State Agro Industries Corporation for about 2 Years besides being the Director of Physical Plant (Chief Engineer) of The Kerala Agricultural University for a year.

He has several publications both in national & International journals & guided several M.Tech and a few PhD Scholars. He is a recipient of fellowship award of Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers and served as the Director of Education & Research of that Society. Kerala Agricultural University also honoured him with good services entry for meritorious and distinguished service. He obtained and served as the Principal Investigator of several external-funded research projects from different agencies like ICAR, CAPART, SIDA, CBIP, GOVT of India etc.

He serves in various high level committees of the state and the centre in various capacities. He visited several European countries and gained vast knowledge in Hydrology and related fields. He was a member of the executive committee (syndicate member) of KAU and senate member of CUSAT, besides member of the board of studies academic council of Tamilnadu Agricultural University.

Principal's Message

We are proud to say that our institution SETCEM has earned an enviable reputation for strict discipline from the very inception in 2011.Not a single ragging incident took place in the college and it is a strike free campus. The sense of togetherness is the major factor to attract students from far and near to our campus. Our institutional's facilities are comparable with the facilities provided by the modern Technological universities in India and abroad.

Our faculty is a dedicated lot committed to improve academic standard besides train them to respect each other (universal brotherhood) love each other (universal love) and to practice compassion to uphold dignity of all lives. SETCEMfaculty knows well that future is not what to happen to us, but what we make of it. We have plenty of opportunities for engineers in our country but we can’t wait for opportunities to come to our way.Actively search for opportunities and grab them when you see them or create your own opportunities in our great nation.

Our state of Kerala and neighboring states have witnessed massive quantitative expansion in the technical education sector. Unless this is matched with quality improvement, thedeveloped technical manpower willnot succeed in the present competitive environment. Side by side it is necessary to develop the personal caliber of the engineering students and SETCEM is in the forefront to develop that sort of attitude in our students. Always remember that hard work is the most critical ingredient to success. Hard work must be towards a purpose. Engineering students must identify the purpose that inspires you challenges you and gives you tremendous satisfaction to pursue .There is no substitute for relentless hard work. I fervently hope that this pace of progress will be maintained and the SETCEM will scale new heights in the years to come. With these thoughts in my heart, I extend you a warm welcome to SreeErnakulathappan college of Engineering and Management (SETCEM) Injakkundu, Mupliyam Village, Trissur Dt.